Therapy is a journey we take together.

It’s a profound experience towards becoming the person you want to be. Like all journeys, there will be rewards and challenges. I will be there to guide and support you.

I am a clinical psychologist, working with adults who bring a wide range of issues to explore.

The approach I use is psychoanalytic/psychodynamic, because it has proven to be effective, and can be individually tailored for each person’s unique needs.

I am currently in private practice in Dallas, Texas. I previously had a practice in Seattle, Washington. Before that, I worked with adults at the Wright Institute Clinic, as well as students from the University of California (Berkeley, CA), and the California College of the Arts Counseling Center (Oakland, CA). I have helped students deal with challenges such as depression and anxiety, as well as career, academic, family, and relationship concerns.

My professional training included a practicum at the Boyer House Foundation (San Rafael, CA), an inpatient treatment facility where I supported clients challenged by major psychological issues. In my internship at Kaiser Permanente (Walnut Creek, CA), I facilitated men’s groups, as well as chemical dependence and co-dependence groups for adults and adolescents.

I have a doctorate in clinical psychology (PsyD) from the Wright Institute, and a bachelor’s degree in religion studies.  Prior to becoming a psychologist, I was a graduate student in folklore at UC Berkeley, and played jazz professionally.

How we work together

Your past and current experiences, relationships, and your hopes and fears – everything matters.


Who I work with

Adults of all ages come to see me to learn about themselves and address their concerns.


Contact me

Regardless of where you are in your life or what concerns you, a skillful, caring guide can make all the difference.