How We Work Together

My training in the psychodynamic approach values the whole person in the therapy process.

You will have a safe place to talk about any subject without being judged. We will work together to help you understand the issues that challenge you. It’s your unique journey, and I will be there as you move toward resolving concerns that have held you back.

Some people feel that their issues improve in only eight to ten sessions. Others see me once or more a week, long-term, in order to look at their lives in deeper ways.

Everything you bring to your session is meaningful: your past and current experiences, family and other intimate relationships – everything about you matters. Initially, it is important to build trust between us so you can feel safe enough to share your feelings and thoughts, and discover how you will benefit from this process. I am here to understand you and the changes you want to make, to help you fully embrace and enjoy your life.

About me

I am a licensed clinical psychologist working with patients on a wide variety of issues using a psychodynamic approach.


Who I work with

I work with adults of all ages who want to learn about themselves and address their concerns.


Contact me

Regardless of where you are in your life or what concerns you, a skillful, caring guide can make all the difference.